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Give seals and sea lions
a second chance at life!

  • Your membership donation helps pay vital operating expenses for sick, injured or malnourished seals and sea lions to recover and return to the ocean.
  • MMCC Los Angeles is Los Angeles County’s only year round hospital for pinnipeds, and is financially dependent on generous donations from individuals like you, your family, and your colleagues.
  • Becoming an MMCC LA member adds you to our email list to receive our Sea Lion Barker blog. You also can purchase items in our gift shop with a 10% discount.  Please see our fun membership levels below for additional benefits.
  • Every dollar of your tax-deductible gift goes directly to Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles.
Member Levels
Type of Donation
Name/Address for Gift Donation

In the membership levels above you have the option to choose not to receive mailed benefits.  You may also donate a gift membership or in honor of someone special. Please identify the name and address of the gift recipient or honoree if you desire that benefits be sent to them.

Donations lower than $50 are considered a donation, but not a membership only.

For amounts different from those above, your membership level will be determined based upon the level range. For example, a Pinniped Pal range is from $50-99.

MMCC LA Membership Benefits

$1,000 or more - Elephant Seal Benefactor

  • A facility tour of the Marine Mammal Care Center (will be scheduled by MMCC LA)
  • Plus ALL of the benefits listed below

$500 or more - Sea Lion Protector

  • Personal update from a MMCC LA staff member
  • Plus ALL of the benefits listed below

$250 or more - Harbor Seal Helper

  • An 8” by 10” color photo of the release of a healthy patient
  • Plus ALL of the benefits listed below

$100 or more - Fur Seal Friend

  • Custom MMCC LA magnet
  • Plus ALL of the benefits listed below

$50 or more - Pinniped Pal

  • An MMCC LA sticker
  • A 10% discount to MMCC’s Gift Shop

To to donate via mail, please issue a check payable to Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles and mail it to:

555 W. 5th St, 35th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013

To become a corporate sponsor, make a bequest or other memorial contribution, or for addition information on donating from a charitable foundation, please contact us at

If you prefer to contribute by volunteering or donating needed supplies, please:

Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, with EIN #47-5249182.

All information submitted will remain confidential as outlined in our Privacy Policy.



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